Walk around and within the Tyssa rocks, Tisa, Czech Republic

June 3rd, 2013

The beautiful landscape of Saxon Switzerland does not end with the German borders. The Bohemian Switzerland left and right of the river Elbe offers very interesting and varied hiking areas in the Czech Republic. Particularly suitable for families with children are the ways around the Tyssa rocks.

You can travel with both the bus service from Pirna (Germany) Line 217, as well as by car via the A17 from Germany or A8 from the Czech Republic. In town there are plenty of parking spaces, on special weekends parking fees have to be paid .

Right next to the village you will find the rocks that are looks like a huge wall. A short walk uphill and you will find a little ticket booth. The entrance fee to the nature trail around the stones is not expensive and may paid in euros as well as czech crowns.

The paths on the right side of the ticket booth are divided into the upper and the lower panorama path with many caves, overhangs and passageways. The trail is very short with about 6 km, but can also be a full day trip because of the many climbing and beautiful spot for a picnic to be spent.

The area on the left side of the booth, where on one rock, the Czech flag flies, is interesting and full of amazing rock formations. Everywhere rock climbers are climbing up. You don’t need to wear shoes and in the forest some small brooks are gurgle.

This hiking area is very suitable for families with small children.

Hiking shoesyes
Path lengthapproximately 6 – 8 km
Our travel timeSpring

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