Solar energy – as the mobile is also mobile

October 5th, 2012

Hiking through mountains and long trips across the country, more and more families are using maps on a their smartphone. However, the devices consume much energy. Expected, depending on the device, with 2-4 hours of battery capacity. Can the duration of the usability of mobile maps be increased?

Not only car drivers are using routing via GPS. Even for hikers and cyclists the use of both navigation devices and mobile applications for smartphone’s available. The battery life of the mobile devices is usually achieved after two to four hours of intensive use.

To extend the time of usages you can fall back on solar battery’s. These small, narrow solar battery’s can be recharged either overnight and put in reserve batteries in the backpack; or hang outside of your backpack and let the sun recharge the battery. Depending on the type of your smartphone’s mobile maps will thus be available for another 2 to 4 hours.

An overview of different devices can be found at Amazon. The prices are very diverse, the unit Arctic C1mobile is available from 16 €.

What else you will need: Hiking with children and what to take with

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