100th Tour de France – kids see winners, France

July 1st, 2013

If school holidays are starting early in July and if the Tour de France – the important cycling race in France – crosses your holiday destination, you should not miss to stand a day together with your children as spectators along the route.

Already during the planning of your holiday trip to France, you can look at the official site of the Tour de France and other cycling websites to find out the tour track. Especially for the arrival and departure, it is advisable to know whether the cyclists using the same route. Because the roads are blocked starting at 10 am. Numerous spectators arrive and park on the side streets of the towns and villages. One and a half hours before the publicity caravan will arrive, French police are friendly and willing to ask all drivers away off the road.

The waiting time can be shortened with playing cards. Camping chairs, umbrellas and picnic are recommended. In many places simultaneously held celebrations, the streets and houses are colourfully decorated and the locals wear traditional dress.

The publicity caravan is like the moving truck Carnival parades. Promotional material as hats, candy, key chains, madeleines (small French cakes), water bottles, and more are able to collect by your children. Surely they will raving about it for a long time.

Approximately 30 minutes after the caravan, the cyclists will arrive. Keep the camera ready, check battery level and light conditions before. Very quickly the professionals will pass.

The road closures will be after passing the tour participants canceled pretty quickly. You can follow the parallel roads of the tour or continue your holiday.

Current Website: Le Tour de France

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