Forest Railway in Thuringia, Thuringia, Germany

April 23rd, 2012

A special experience for children is to go with the Thuringian forest railway, a tram line called “Thüringerwaldbahn” that operates between Tabarz and the town of Gotha.

Starting from the beautiful village of Tabarz, located on the foot of the Inselsberg mountain, the tram goes for about an hour through woods, across meadows and fields, passing hikers and visitors and the Marienglashöhle (cave) to the Thuringian town of Gotha. The railway has been operated since 1929 and since then have brought tourists and workers from one place to another.

Especially on cool summer days or cold winter days, we recommend a trip. Tickets can be purchased inside the tram.

Thüringer Waldbahn

Waldbahn network map: Waldbahn network map
Timetable : Thüringer Waldbahn

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