San Francisco/ California/ USA

November 28th, 2011

The dream of many German is to visit California. The trip to California takes an average of 20 hours or more. The GMT offset of 8 hours is a problem especially for small children. Nevertheless, it is worth it. California has not only the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento. You will find unique landscapes in California, the giant among the trees and the young, the nationalities of the immigrants who influenced culture. Stunning roads along the coast, secluded camp sites and curious brown bears in the mountains. Our tour started and ended in San Francisco.

In San Francisco we made a city tour with our family aged between 2 to 35. Our kids loved traveling with the Cable Car, the historical tram. With older kids I recommend to rent bikes. You’ll find plans for a bicycle tour on the homepage from San Francisco.

The prison island Alcatraz is very popular, if you want to visit the island you have to book a tour a few days earlier. We made a boat tour and past Alcatraz, then we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge where we saw dolphins jumping out of the water. Our youngest girls loved the seals at the Pier 39 and they tried their best to copy the voices.

Our hints aside of the city center

  1. a bicycle tour over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausolito and back with the Ferry
  2. a tour through the Golden Gate Park, with a picnic at the beach
  3. Rainbow Grocery, a big wholefood shop, accessible with the BART
  4. Jack London State Historic Park

Two important things to know:
It’s colder than you might think in San Francisco, make sure you have a Jacket and a cap with you.
Mind your safety in surrounding places and outside the city center.


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2 Responses to “San Francisco/ California/ USA”

  1. Annett Says:

    Jetzt funktioniert das Kommentarfeld wieder, vielen Dank an Kerstin für den Hinweis!

    Viele Grüße.

  2. Kerstin Says:

    Wir waren letztes Jahr auch mit unseren zwei Kindern in San Francisco. Unsere Kleine (damals ein Jahr alt) hat die langen Flüge gut weggesteckt, unser “Großer” (damals vier Jahre) ist schon ein richtiger Flugprofi.

    Und ja, es ist in San Francisco wohl insgesamt viel kälter, als gemeinhin angenommen. Und vor allem auch windig! Also für Babys unbedingt eine Mütze, die über die Ohren geht, mitnehmen.

    Jetlagmäßig war der Hinflug gen Westen gut wegzustecken. Nach der Rückkehr hatten wir allerdings etwa fünf Tage nächtliche Spielesitzungen, weil alle (!) nicht schlafen konnten.