By bicycle along the Wörlitz Park, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

May 28th, 2013

Next to the world-famous Wörlitzer Park Garden you will find a landscape that charactirized by natural meadows, dikes of the river Elbe and some forests areas. Untouched nature, silence, beautiful paths and the possibility of traffic-free cycling with the kids, invites for the following described tour.

The first stage leads straight to the ferry in Coswig (Anh). The ferryman can be called with the bell, or just wait until he came over. …

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Travel lengths45 km
ClothingCycling Clothing
Our travel timeSpring

Recommendation to stop
Cafè Klatschmohn an der Stadtkirche Wittenberg
Hotel Goldener Adler, Wittenberg
Abseits, Coswig

Other destinations nearby
Bauhaus Dessau

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