School backpack from Norway

March 19th, 2012

No sooner are the children outgrow the nappies, the question arises as to the school, the school bag / backpack and the spare time after lessons.
In one of these points we can make a recommendation:

School backpacks from Norway

Why not an off the shelf school back that are promoted well in all children’s and parents’ magazines?

The school backpacks that sells the physiotherapist Trond Kristian Klingenberg von Ely from Berlin, are characterized by:

  1. Child-friendly ergonomic carry system
  2. Chest and waist belts, so the children can easily run and jump
  3. Lightweight and available in differentiated sizes
  4. Stable outer material that withstands most weather conditions
  5. Including rain gear and a small lamp on the front
  6. Belt to the reduce or expand desired size

Mr. Klingenberg von Ely is a physiotherapist in Berlin and has it to do so daily with children and adults suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis, or other deformities. The treatments are lengthy and some deformity can be corrected any more. When Beckmann from Norway, he found the perfect school bag concept and markets since 2004, the school backpacks. Later still came to the company Bergans of Norway, which has also committed to the principle of back-friendly school and study packs.

We have inspired the design of the backpacks, the new designs and also the commitment of Mr. Klingenberg von Ely.

Look on the website past, numerous presentations give you an idea of ​​the style and the friendliness of the school back packs.

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