Juans Place/ Berkeley/ California

November 21st, 2011

Once you are in San Francisco, you should also visit the University town of Berkeley. To eat after a bike ride, we recommend Juan’s Place, a Mexican restaurant, located in one of various industrial areas at the San Francisco Bay.

We stopped in the early evening, no reservations required. From 6 pm, you should reserve because the place is great, and therefore Juan’s Place is very popular.

As soon as we sat at the table, our youngest children each got a plate of rice with sauce. Then the service brought water jugs and glasses, dips and Tortilla chips . Actually, we would now have been satisfied, yet of course we ordered burritos and enchiladas.

The food was freshly prepared, the water has been filled again and of course the rest of the meal as been packed to take away, as usual in the U.S.. Our children painted after eating, raged through the restaurant and no one bothered it, great!

Prices: Very low, the kids meals were free.

Location: Carleton Street / 9The Street, Berkeley

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