Hiking Hostel at SWF Sporthotel, Saxony, Germany

February 21st, 2012

In the east Erzgebirge is the Hiking Hostel at the SWF Sporthotel near an embankment located. But not only friends of the railway will like it, hiker, bike tourists and winter sports enthusiasts will find a cheap an unussually hostel.

We booked the hostel for two families. With all in all 10 slepping places, seperatedin 2 lie down areas, the attic offered enough space amd retierement possibilities. In the ground floor are 2 Bathrooms with a toilette and a shower, you should have some 50 cent coins for the shower. There is also a chance to store your dirty and wet clothes and shoes.

The hostel is inexpensive and in the middle of the harsh Erzgebirge. If summer or winter, it is a great starting point for hiker, bike tourists and winter sports enthusiasts.


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