Buckeye Tree Lodge/ Sequoia National Park/ California

November 17th, 2011

With our children aged 2 to 16 years, we toured in fall in the western U.S. state: California. We spent a week near San Francisco and traveled ten days around visiting Sacramento, the Valley of the Kaweah, Sequoia National Park and Los Angeles. We slept in different Super-8 motels and spent also three nights in the Buckeye Tree Lodge in Three Rivers.

The lodge is located right on Sierra Drive in Three Rivers, just before the entrance to Sequoia National Park. Our journey took longer than planned, we reached the lodge four hours later, exactly at midnight. However, we were greeted very friendly and the owner handed us our room keys in person.

We had booked two rooms that were connected by a door. So we slept very comfortably and the older children were enjoying their own empire. Every morning, our rooms were cleaned up by a very friendly room service, she assorted all soft toys, too, and put a basket of fruit and drinks in each room. In the bathroom many signs points to the conservation of resources. For us, very surprising, because our point of view was: USA = waste of resources.

But the best part was directly beyond the lodge: huge stones in the river bed. All children were climbing and jumping. We canceld all the planned tours for a day and were relaxing by the riverside. Hummingbirds flew over us and during the day the fog moved from Sequoia National Park down to the Kaweah valley.

We parents liked the connected rooms, the fridge for our breakfast milk and the obligatory coffee and tea set.

The Buckeye Tree Lodge is a good starting point for tours of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

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