Labyrinth, Saxon Switzerland

September 26th, 2011

One of the most popular destinations in Saxon Switzerland is located between Leupoldishain and Langenhennersdorf, the Labyrinth. A rock massifs with marked trails, rocks to sit and shady beeches on hot summer days.

You have the opportunity to take a hike to the get to the Labyrinth as described here.

Would you just like to go climbing, it is advisable to be early because the parking lots from the direction Langenhennersdorf is often unavailable. From the parking area it are just a few meters to the first rock.

For younger children, below 6 years, not every path advisable to walk alone.  For very tall people not every path is possible to go. Make sure to wear long  and not the newest pants. Water drops from the rocks also at dry summer days.
After the first joint climb your children can run solely from number to number and you enjoy the forest air. Have you been here before, you will certainly come again. Look at the speed of your children for one round, and you can feel how time has passed.

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