Tartan Heart Festival, Inverness, Scotland

January 23rd, 2012

From early morning till late night everybody is on their way on the Tartan Heart Festival in the near of Inverness. Accompanied by rain jackets, wellington boots and sunshades we three experienced funny days in the north of scotland.

You can stay over in your own tent. Every morning you can see the magical blue mist which comes from the pans witch bacon and eggs from the tents around you. With our big tent and just 4 people sleeping in there we were exotic foreigner, our scottish neighbours spend their weekend usually with their big family.
There are a lot of tents were you can do handicrafts. The kids can draw, glue and play games. The big ones can enjoy rockmusic and on the festival area is enough space to have an picnic.
We recommend the festival  for lovers of scottish culture from 4 to 99 years.

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